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Removal Procedures

  • No items can be removed until payment is received in​ full.

  • No items can be removed during the auction.

  • Buyers are required to ensure the removal of their purchased items safely and within the deadline outlined for that sale. Failure to do so can result in fines and/or abandonment of lots with no further recourse.

  • Long Drive Inc. staff are not required to move, load or pack your items. Please come prepared.

  • Any riggers removing machinery must have valid insurance coverage and workers compensation certificates in order to be permitted to work on site.

  • Above documents must be sent to ( or provided to the site supervisor before any machinery can be moved.

  • We often provide contact information for riggers that are available to you. This is a courtesy to our Buyers. Long Drive Inc. is not responsible for any damages or issues incurred by such companies.

  • We ask that our Buyers and/or their riggers ensure and maintain a safe work environment at all times and leave the work area clean upon the completion of the removal.

  • Removal typically occurs weekdays between 8am - 4pm, but may vary on differing sales, please check each sale to ensure timing.

  • All further terms and conditions of removal are outlined in the 'Equipment Removal Terms and Conditions.' Please ensure you read them thoroughly.

Kindly remain mindful of removal deadlines

Equipment Removal Terms and Conditions

  • Your invoice must be authorized and marked ‘Paid’ at the on-site auction office and be verified by a Long Drive Inc. representative before any equipment/items can be removed.

  • Coordinating the removal of all items purchased and all associated costs are solely the responsibility of the Buyer.

  • As a Buyer you are responsible for the followng at your expense: 

  1. All electrical, gas, water and/or air lines to machines must be disconnected/terminated properly and safely. You must adhere to all governing building codes;

  2. Any/all fasteners or anchor bolts must be left flush with the floor;

  3. Until repaired, safety barriers must be erected around any pits/holes in the floor caused by the removal of your purchased items/equipment;

  4. Any/all holes in the floor, walls or roof caused by the removal of your purchased items/equipment must  be repaired. You must adhere to all governing building codes;

  5. All machine oils, all hazardous materials and/or all contaminants contained in your purchased items are to be removed off premises;

  6. You are solely responsible for repairs of any/all damage caused to the premises by yoursef, your staff or any other third party hired by you for the removal of your purcahsed items;

  7. Work area must be left clean and in ‘broom swept’ condition upon the completion of work;

  8. Futher terms and conditions may be communicated to you by a Long Drive Inc. representative prior to, during or after the sale as they arise;

  9. You must adhere to the removal deadline (time/date) communicated to you by Long Drive Inc. pertaining to the sale you purchased from; and

  10. You are responsible for the safety of all/any of your employees, representatives or any movers/riggers hired by you to move/remove your purchased items.

  • Before removal is permitted, the Buyer and/or any movers or riggers hired by said Buyer must have vaild insurance coverage and workers compensation certificates (at least $5,000,000 in comprehensive liability insurance coverage incl. workers compensation and auto). Coverage must be per person, per occurrence. These documents must be sent to Long Drive Inc. prior to removal or presented to the site supervisor upon arrival to the auction site.

  • Before any items are removed from the site they must be verified by a Long Drive Inc. representative. They will verfiy with a signature, as will the Buyer. This confirms your receipt of items on the invoice.

  • Removal hours are typically weekdays between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., unless otherwise specified or pre-arranged with the site suprvisor. No items can be removed until the auction is complete. 

  • In the case of any damages to the premises or other assets caused by any employee or representative of any Buyer and/or their riggers/movers, be it due to negligence or other, the Buyer and rigger/mover will be held jointly and severally liable for all costs and expenses. Should any expenses or claims be incurred by Long Drive Inc. due to, or as a result of, any actions or omissions by said Buyer and/or rigger/mover hired or retained by such Buyer, the Buyer indemifies and saves Long Drive Inc. from all claims or expenses incurred.





Please remember that as a Buyer you will be held liable for the conduct of any person/s or companies hired by you on site, including but not limited to movers and riggers.

With this in mind,

we require you to provide them with a copy of the above terms, conditions and procedures. 

Thank you for your ongoing co-operation, and we look forward 

to seeing you at the next sale.

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